Author Extraordinaire

About Me


My name is AJ Sutton, I'm 27, and currently live in Alabama. I grew up and have lived in Texas for most of my life. Having had a variety of jobs, I understand how people work, and I use that information to make believable characters and stories.


When I was a kid, I watched Digimon. I made a little booklet, about 140 pages long, detailing an island adventure with my Digimon partner. I knew I'd never be a great artist, but writing I could do. As an adult, I've made it my mission to write as much as possible. This includes taking classes and utilizing fanfiction to hone my skills. Now I use what I've learned for others.

Making Content for You

If you've read any of my work and like my style, I'm available to work on your idea. Your story will be as good as the work you put into it. If you give me a setting, character, and then leave it up to me - you may or may not like the direction I take it. Maybe that's your thing, though. I don't judge. From space to the stone age or just a coffee shop romance, I can do it all.